The world is changing. The future is unpredictable.

Our environment, markets, competition, customers, geopolitical imperatives, regulation, and technology are all evolving faster than at any other time in human history. NXTLR is here to help you navigate and succeed through certain uncertainties.

We are your acceleration engine – helping you continuously imagine and execute faster and better than the competition.

NXTLR – move forward, faster!

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NXTLR Acceleration Engines

NXTLR brings a range of acceleration engines for organizations, SMEs, teams and professionals.


Inspirational stories from thought leaders, change makers, activists and entrepreneurs to help you stay ahead in your game.


Work & play immersions for companies, teams, and professionals to accelerate creativity, collaboration and dynamism at workplace.


Acceleration workshops, growth sprints, brand positioning sessions, projects & executive coaching for companies.


An immersive universe of insights, ideas, inspirations, debates, virtual coaching & courses and open innovation challenges.


Acceleration and seed funding for women and migrant founded impact-tech unicorns from all over Sweden.

Early Bird Discount on NXTLR "Weekend" Acceleration Workshops

NXTLR is holding limited Acceleration Workshops in Spring 2021 at a special introductory price.

Our Acceleration Workshops are designed for leadership / executives for SMEs and are done in virtual interactive environment. 

These workshops are conducted on Saturdays – a day when the executive teams are free from all operational matters.

There are three phases in the workshop – in one day (typically 6 hours) we are able to go from strategy to action plan for growth:

  • Future Mapping is a series of exercises to visualize your target state
  • Acceleration Levers are extracted in a series of interactive discussions to unlock growth
  • Action Agenda is an aligned set of priorities to drive you forward


As a limited time offer, you can opt for a workshop for a special introductory price of SEK 50 000 + VAT (regular price 75 000 + VAT). 

Join The NXTLR Impact Unicorn, Now!

Do you have the passion to build a potential impact unicorn? A consulting think-take that drives organizations and individuals forward to a positive shared future? A media house that fosters the new narrative for a better future? A platform that binds the planet together on imagination? A possibility to fund hundreds of impact ventures? Join us on our journey: 


We are building a team of change makers to drive NXTLR - send us an email and tell us what you can bring to NXTLR as a co-founder.


Now is the time to invest in the TEDx of action, the McKinsey of imagination and impact, the CNN of the new narrative and positive change in the world!


If you have a unique method to build future organizations in areas such as design, marketing, sustainability, HR - get in touch!

Tech Partner

We are looking for tech partners to build our consulting, tools, media, platform, and acceleration assets - if you love impact, get in touch!


We are looking for ecosystem partners to drive NXTLR forward, faster. You are welcome to collaborate - we can even seek joint funding.

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NXTLR is an acceleration platform based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We have extensive experience of working in corporate consulting, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and change management spaces. 

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